Monday, 31 August 2015

Clearing out with a vengeance !!

Hi all,

Just got out my stash of Liberty of London fabrics and decided I didn't need all of them.

Glad to say I have enough of at least 4 to make shirts ( that's if I ever get back to sewing for myself, apart from evening tops and skirts).

I have uploaded the first 8 pieces on eBay, am selling 2 pieces together in one instance as I discovered I had some rare Umritza Prints that are reproduced from the late 1800's.

Here is a quote from my research into those two fabrics.

“Liberty also began producing his own range of silks from 1878. Another popular product was Umritza Cashmere produced in 1879.”

Liberty first produced the Umritza Cashmere so he could emulate the Paisley shawls that were such a rage in those days, but were very costly
This fabric is very slightly heavier than the Liberty Tana Lawn, but still feels silky, a nice texture.

Well here are the sites to see the Liberty Fabrics.

Happy shopping,

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