Sunday, 16 August 2015

Happy family things to share.

Hi All,

Today let me share some lovely things that have happened plus some up and coming events.

Firstly our eldest grandson got married to a lovely American girl, we all love her and she loves quilts.
I was happily surprised when James (the grandson) asked if I had a quilt that he could give Teah (his future wife) for her birthday.
Up to now he has enjoyed the quilts I have made for him but had never shown any interest in any others.
Here is the quilt he chose from the few I had that were large enough.

This one is called Jewel Box and I made it about 2002, I'm glad he chose that as it is one of my favourites.

The second episode I have already mentioned previously, the up and coming birth of our great grandson.
James sister Kelly, our eldest granddaughter is the mum to be.
I have already made her a Kalbarri Bag for her nappy bag, this is the bag I make for all our babies.
So here is a photo of the one for Kelly.
I love the colours and fabrics in this one.
A long time ago when Kelly was studying in Germany she bought me a Gund Classic Pooh Bear.
It is so cuddly and perfect for a baby, so when it's had a good wash it will be given back to her with a lot of love. Here he is below.
Isn't he just gorgeous ?
Well that's the news for now, hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.

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