Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Liberty Fabrics

Hi All,

Thank you to the ladies who bought the Liberty fabrics that I posted on my last blog.

An even bigger thank you to the people who left me positive feedback and said how delighted they were when they received their Liberty in the mail, I really appreciated that.

I still have 1 lot of Liberty still available, this is 2 vintage prints still Liberty but fine cotton instead of Tana Lawn.

Here is the one remaining.

Plus some more scissors

I will add more when I get time after working on my machine to quilt a large quilt that was just delivered. I don't like to keep customers waiting.
Yes I am still quilting, though I think it isn't generally known, I had a break for the holidays and have caught up on  all outstanding orders.

Plus I am also kept busy quilting for the ladies in my class who are very prolific, they love what they do so our classes are full of laughs, which keeps us uplifted for at least a week !!

Also thank you to the ladies who purchased the scissors, I'm glad I took a look at my old stock so at least you got some bargains and are now happily using them.
Back later.












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