Wednesday, 11 July 2018

"ABOUT TEDDIES" A bit of a change from Quilting.

Hi All,

As I said in my last blog quilting is slowing down.
I haven't stopped, quilts are coming in but not enough to keep me as busy as I was before.

However I don't like to have time on my hands and am still designing and making OOAK Artist Teddy Bears.
As I taught bear making in 1992 I am now using a lot of my specialised mohair and bear fabrics that I still have on hand.

So "MIO Bears by Make It Original" has been re-established and is doing quite well.

I have drawn up some new patterns as I love to see how each bear develops.

Bears have a mind of their own (as do some quilts), so you don't know exactly how they are going to turn out but usually quite successfully and are happy bears.

Here are some that I have made recently that are still on hand and a couple that have been adopted.
Professor Bumble.
Always on time as he has his watch.
                         Made from lovely Golden Wavy Mohair and German Glass eyes with eye whites.
He has suede pads and is $50.

Peter Bumble is the Professors son, you can see the resemblance !!! 
  He is so full after eating his "Hunny" that he is falling asleep.
The bumble bee on his paw doesn't worry him. He is also $50.SOLD
Willow is cute made from a dense fur with mink tips.                         
 She has German glass eyes and eye whites and Ultrasuede pads.
You can see her little pink tongue. She is $45    SOLD
                                            Benjamin comes with his own quilt and has been in the family for a while,                                                  now ready to be adopted and step out on his own. He is $40                                                                                                                                                 
Oscar comes with his friend. 
                    He has a lovely soft dense coat, German black eyes with eye whites
. Has a very enquiring disposition. He costs $40.SOLD

Here is Claudette, wearing her favourite bows.
 She is made of lovely dense fur with dark mint tips.
 She has an open mouth so you can see her pink tongue.
 She has Ultrasuede paws and is $60. SOLD
harlotte is very young.
Made from a lovely dense white fur with German glass eyes, eye whites and Ultrsuede paws.
She has a lovely personality and costs $40. SOLD
Finally here is Joe the Apprentice Gardener.
 He only measures 4" but keeps himself very busy.
. Made from sculpted bristle mohair and has German brown glass eyes and eye whites.
 Comes with his wheelbarrow.  $30   SOLD

                   If you have any questions about the MIO family, such as size and availability etc. you can contact me on  or phone on 03 9728 4070.

Hope you are all keeping well and active.

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