Monday, 7 December 2015

Back from hospital

Hi All, 

I really didn't think that I would be this long publishing my next blog.

However things happen that we really don't need !!
Yes, I should have gone to hospital earlier but who ever thinks that they are not going to get better without all that palaver, also upsetting people, mainly your own family.

Anyway, having been carted off by ambulance and shut in a private room because you may be infectious until they know what they are dealing with.
Now that is a big shock to the system !!

The specialists are still doing blood cultures and I have to have a colonoscopy in early January, but at least I can get back to mixing with people. Secure in the knowledge that nobody can be infected by me.
Just as well, we have our new great grandson due December 30th.

I was lying in bed thinking of all the bibs and burpies waiting to be finished at home, well they are now all done, quilts and baby blankets also,including nappy bag, have all been done and dusted, some are already in the nursery.
I know the nappy bag ( which, by the way, is a Kalbarri Bag ), is going into hospital with the new Mum.

Now about all the Liberty of London fabric that you have all received and told me how happy you are. I am really pleased.
It has made you happy and made some space for me in my Liberty stash to see exactly what I have left to use.
Which by the way, is plenty. 

I'm wishing all of you all the best for the coming season, hoping the New Year comes in with everybody happy and healthy.
Hope you all get what you wished for from Santa.

Till next time.

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