Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Final Sale - Liberty of London Tana Lawn

Now we have some really happy ladies who have bought their Liberty of London fabric from my collection.
I have now just listed the last of Liberty that I intend to sell for now.
When I finally get around to making my shirts (I am still quilting and teaching), I MAY have some more left over.
If that happens I will list whatever I have but don't hold your breath, it takes me longer to settle down to make shirts than it does to make a quilt.

I think once we've given up sewing for ourselves and started quilting we look askance at doing thing like tailoring as that now appears harder.

There was a day, a long time ago when I thought nothing of making a suit or a dress, I mean what's hard about it ?
I now think twice.

However here are the links for the Liberty of London Tana Lawn.

Happy shopping,

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