Sunday, 9 August 2015


Hi again

I actually did find one small quilt shop in Alaska, had some nice patterns, including one of a Brown Bear and here are the photos I took whilst inside.

The owner also had a full sized Statler Quilting Machine inside the shop, her quilting was lovely
She said the shop was her business and the quilting was her hobby.
Sorry I didn't get her name or address I did ask for a card but she didn't have one available.
Our second quilt shop was in Vancouver on Granville Island in British Columbia, lovely block of the month pattern. Designed by the owner who unfortunately wasn't there at the time.
The address on the card says so I hope anyone who wants to look can get them by following the link.
After leaving the ship we flew to Los Angeles, no problems this time, we were taken straight to our hotel "The Luxxe Hotel on Rodeo" now that is a fabulous place to stay, more about the remainder of our holiday in the next episode.

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