Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Hi All,

I really did mean to write earlier, however we all get caught up in stuff we don't intend to !

Am still running classes and we're all having a lovely time, never mind the hip replacements and a knee replacement due later this year (no, not mine just my ladies)

We turned to handwork and therefore some are embroidering and appliqueing whilst they sit in one spot when they have to.

Have also done some Brazilian embroidery and that is really pretty, not as difficult as it looks as we can now do multiple wraps on our bullion stitches.

Still downsizing and have put some of my quilt calendars on Ebay, you know, the ones with great patterns that you mean to use one day !!

The day has come to empty some drawers so here are 3 of them to have a look at.




Hope you like them as much as I do, they have some really great patterns and pictures of them all in lovely colours.

Have a great Easter and be careful on the roads,


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