Sunday, 8 February 2015


Hi all, 
I am thrilled to say that we have finally sold some of our antique quilts, very happy that they have gone to a good home.
The quilts we sold are historically important because of their fabrics, pattern and the way they have been constructed. Perhaps more important to USA, however they did quilt long before we started quilting here and our quilting was heavily influenced by their quilting and patterns.  
One of the quilts was signed by 4 members of the family and we had traced their ancestry back to the 18th. Century.
Also we have sold some of the fabrics that we listed on our blog previously.
I am surprised that we haven’t had many views on the 10 metres of white lace as it really is a bargain, if you can use it of course.
I will add more when I get organised.
I am happy to say that I am finally clearing up some of my stash, I just finished another quilt, only a single bed but at least I am trying.
Here's the list , happy shopping 

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