Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hi All,
Am back to my blog to let you all know that I have sold the Aboriginal fat quarters.
Thank you to all who enquired.
I am still selling my books and have still more to upload to my Home Page.

I recently heard that some of you thought that I had given up quilting since I broke my wrist.
Definitely not.
I am quilting all edge to edge patterns and as usual I do NOT have a waiting list !!!
The only reason for that is that I will NOT have things hanging over my head.
So as your quilt arrives it is put on the machine, in it's turn.
As I work weekends and holidays I get a lot of quilting done, am still taking quilts at the moment prior to Christmas, I will let you know if anything changes.
The only difference is that I no longer do Custom quilting, this also gives me more time to quilt.
I am looking after myself and no longer do freehand.
With the Statler / Gammill machine I have NO problems with Edge to Edge.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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