Saturday, 6 September 2014


Sorry I have taken such a long time to get back to this, however when I finally tried Google had taken over so I had to work out what to do next.
Probably a lot of people are having the same problem.
Am still de-cluttering and have a list of books for sale on my Homepage.
To see the books click on "Other Things for Sale" on the left hand side and it will take you to the books page.
To find the Homepage just type Make It Original in Google and click on the link there.
We usually pop up at the top, if you get lost add Quilting then you can definitely find us.
When you are on the homepage have a look at the Antique Quilts and Tops still available,
I have sold some already and the buyers were very pleased.
I will be lowering the prices on some things like the fat quarters which I may put on eBay.
Actually selling on eBay is easier with stuff that isn't quilt related as there are many more places to advertise different items.
Please stay with me, now I have found out how to get back to my blog I will hopefully keep it updated more frequently than in the past.
Hope you all have a good day and that your footy teams win !!
Our grandson's team just won their Grand Final HURRAY !!!!


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