Sunday, 15 January 2012

Have been clearing out my past, in a past life I was a spinner and weaver, I enjoyed the whole aspect of spinning, dyeing, designing and finally knitting my own creations. I made lots for my family and finally they were being sold in Lt.Collins Street, Melbourne at a long gone shop called "Sweaters".
I did this for quite a while and then was introduced to Patchwork and Quilting, I have never looked back, I now quilt professionally.
Therefore some of my past is now up for sale, I hope anyone who buys them enjoys them as much as I did.
When I get more time I will go back to photographing more of our Antique Quilts. Meanwhile .......

In good condition.
Has been used for spinning wool and silk.
Silk skein available, also raw silk and silk/cotton ready to spin.
Some carded fleece.
Have Niddy Noddy, Lazy Kate, Skein Winder etc.
Price is negotiable. Pick up only.   $300


Electronic Spinning wheel, works perfectly, in good condition and
ready to use.
Can be used to spin wool or silk.
Have accessories such as Niddy Noddy, Lazy Kate etc.
Also some carded fleece and some silk.
Price is negotiable, to be picked up. $400

Drum carder, good condition.
Used for carding fleece ready for spinning.
Price is negotiable
Pick up only    $250

Also here is a photo of the Niddy Noddy , Lazy Kate and Skeiner which is folded in it's box.

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